Human Rights

A boutique law firm committed to the promotion and defense of human rights around the world

Kadéï’s lawyers are involved in the protection of human rights and fundamental rights of all individuals in the economic life and the functioning of society




Lawyer + Human Rights + Fundamental Rights + Business Ethics : Kadéï assists its Clients – associations, NGOs, individuals – in the defense of their fundamental rights and against all forms of discrimination. Kadéï also assists economic actors to prevent any risk related to business ethics and human rights’ issues.

In the context of the development phase and project finance stage of major projects, Kadéï’s lawyers ensure that all project legal documentation includes provisions for environmental and social safeguards and for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of local communities. Kadéï’s lawyers also work alongside multilateral development banks and international organizations involved in projects to ensure compliance with sustainability, transparency and human rights standards.

For a more ethical business ecosystem that respects human rights

  • Raising awareness of economic actors to the respect of human rights.
  • Legal opinions and advice on fundamental rights in the economic life.
  • Legal research and reports on comparative law.
  • Training and capacity building.

Assistance and legal representation of victims of violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms

  • Legal assistance in cases of violations of fundamental rights and discrimination (children’s rights, women’s rights, domestic violence, asylum, discriminatory practices).
  • Proceedings before international and regional courts competent in human rights matters (European Court of Human Rights) and United Nations bodies (United Nations Human Rights Committee, Human Rights Council).