A boutique law firm at the forefront of infrastructure projects in Africa

By 2050, the urban population should reach 1.3 billion, spread across 120 cities. To accelerate infrastructure development is imperative to support such population growth.


At Kadéï, we provide public and private actors with the technical know-required at all stages of development and financing infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa.



African governments are the greatest financiers of infrastructure projects. With 37% of the total financial commitments ($37.5 billion), they are the principal investors.

However, states may often meet limitations due to national and international economic and fiscal constraints and consider external financing.

In this context, our firm advises institutional and private players in financing quality infrastructures.
Our lawyers have solid knowledge and in-depth experience in all bankability issues that can arise from developing and financing infrastructure projects in Africa:

  • Definition of the regulatory framework
  • Structuring the financing
  • Understanding the risks and issues related to the bankability of the project
  • Assisting in the investment strategy


Our Client’s infrastructure project financing in Africa must also integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors.

Our team is thus committed to seeking innovative solutions and implementing negotiation strategies in line with their expectations.

Project Law Firm


Thanks to public and private investments, Africa is consolidating its infrastructure network. These achievements respond to the need to transform cities to impact local and regional economies. They also are part of a vast dynamic initiated by the African States.

  • Our areas of intervention:
    • Water and sanitation
    • Energy, Geothermal energy
    • Transport