Kadéï Lawyer Project Africa

A boutique law firm specialising in projects and project finance in Africa

22 dynamic and innovative countries compose French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. This area generates an average annual growth of 3.5% compared to 1.9% of remaining sub-Saharan Africa.


Kadéï provides its clients unique expertise regarding development and project finance in the area.


French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa is the most efficient African economic zone and an economic development lever for the entire continent. However, the region undergoes different levels of productivity in various countries.

How can such disparities be between some national or regional economies?

The lack of project development spread over the area might be the first explanation. Whereas whether energy, water, transport, or telecommunications projects, they remain vital. Indeed, they condition productivity gains and the potential for increased living standards and sustainable growth.


  • Project structuring and financing:
    • Risk management
    • Legal assessment of investments
    • Legal advice regarding sustainable project financing issues (investment long-term life cycle, construction, and maintenance)
Project Finance


  • Sectors:
    • Energy
    • Renewables (including hydroelectric, solar, and geothermal projects)
    • Various infrastructures