Project Development

A boutique law firm whose technical know-how is crucial for project development in Africa

Kadéï advises its Clients in all aspects of project development and bankability:

  • Analysis of the project’s bankability and its legal framework
  • Legal assistance in the search for equity investors and debt financing
  • Negotiation of project documentation with public authorities and assistance in drafting authorisations

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Project Finance

A boutique law firm whose in-depth experience of project finance in Africa is a real game-changer

Kadéï assists its Clients in the context of project finance in Africa:

  • Assistance in the Lenders’ due diligence stage
  • Negotiating the finance documentation and the security package
  • Risk management, including T&C

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International Arbitration

A boutique law firm whose dedication to international arbitration in Africa is an incontestable added value

Kadéï supports its Clients in any dispute arising from the development and financing of projects:

  • Assistance in amicable dispute settlement
  • Representation during the arbitration proceedings
  • Assistance during the annulment proceedings before States ‘courts

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Human Rights

A boutique law firm fighiting for respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the economic life and in our society

Kadéï assists its Clients in raising awareness and defending human rights and ethics in the business world and our daily lives:

  • Legal advice for economic actors to respect human rights and ethical values in the context of the conduct of business and projects
  • Legal ssistance of individuals in cases of infringement of fundamental rights and discrimination 


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Nine hundred million African people do not have any access to clean energy.

Kadéï offers the expertise of a leading law firm to those of its Clients involved in the development of major power projects on the continent.

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In 2040, 46% to 75% of electricity production will originate from renewable energy.

Kadéï advises public and private stakeholders in financing major sustainable energy projects.

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Africa needs 130 to 170 billion dollars of annual investments to fill its infrastructure gap.

Kadéï assists governments, banks, and multilateral development institutions in financing efficient infrastructure projects.

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A geographic-
field of

Kadéï is a unique boutique law firm exclusively dedicated to project development and project finance in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa.

As a new relay for global growth, this driving region achieves the best economic performance on the continent and includes the WAEMU area: the largest high-growth zone in Africa. In addition, a constant wave of migration, a business-friendly climate due to numerous reforms (successfully implemented in terms of economy and good governance) make the region the obvious cradle of project development and project financing. 



Project Lawyers
Technical know-how

Founded by Ghjuvana Luigi, Kadéï is born of a unique ambition: to participate actively and concretely in the rise of Africa by involvement in project development and project finance with a social and environmental impact.





Selected references

  • Advising a sponsor with regards to a 1,080 MW hydroelectric project in Cameroon
    (Value: approx. USD 3 billion)
  • Advising the Republic of Cameroon and SONATREL with regards to the 420 MW Nachtigal hydropower project in Cameroon
    (Value: approx. EUR 1.2 billion)

In detail

Project Law Firm

Project Law Firm

"Project Law Firm": An ambition

As a niche law firm, Kadéï assists its Clients with tailored and high added-value advices thanks to its sound knowledge of the French-speaking sub-Saharan region – in compliance with international standards – at reasonable costs aligned with Clients expectations.

As a project firm, Kadéï is also a sphere of action and meet. It welcomes women and men from all backgrounds, eager to work collectively to achieve a single and common objective: to be part of the growth of the continent through meaningful projects for the greater good.

Core Business


Article July 2021

Power: EDFI


EDFi’s proposition to foster investments in high T&C risk countries: A new T&C DSRA held by EDFI MC! EDFIs have recently designed a Transferability and Convertibility Facility (“T&C Facility”) to cover the T&C risks in projects meeting the eligibility criteria (i.e. greenfield grid connected IPP project with a capacity of at least 10MWp; using renewable energy technologies in countries (i) of category 7 of OECD Country Risk Assessment Model and (ii) which are part of low income countries as classified...

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Operations April 2021

Selected experience


With solid expertise in development and project finance on the continent, Kadéi’ specialises in advising public and private actors in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. Recent selected experience Advising a sponsor with regards to a 1,080 MW hydroelectric project in Cameroon (Value: approx. USD 3 billion) Advising the government and SONATREL in the 420 MW Nachtigal hydropower project in Cameroon (Value: approx. EUR 1.2 billion)  

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Operation February 2021

Nachtigal – Perspectives


In December 2018, STOA, Electricité de France (EDF), the state of Cameroun, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Africa 50 concluded the final agreements for the Nachtigal project. Ghjuvana Luigi advised the Cameroonian government and Sonatrel. The Nachtigal project consists of the design, construction and operation for 35 years of a 420 MW dam and hydroelectric plant on the Sanaga River at the Nachtigal Falls, located 65 km north-east from Yaoundé. It also includes the construction of a 50 km transmission...

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Project Law Firm

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