Article July 2021

Power: EDFI

EDFi’s proposition to foster investments in high T&C risk countries: A new T&C DSRA held by EDFI MC! EDFIs have recently designed a Transferability and Convertibility Facility (“T&C Facility”) to cover the T&C risks in projects meeting the eligibility criteria (i.e. greenfield grid connected IPP project with a capacity of at least 10MWp; using renewable energy technologies in countries (i) of category 7 of OECD Country Risk Assessment Model and (ii) which are part of low income countries as classified...

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Operations April 2021

Selected experience

With solid expertise in development and project finance on the continent, Kadéi’ specialises in advising public and private actors in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. Recent selected experience Advising a sponsor with regards to a 1,080 MW hydroelectric project in Cameroon (Value: approx. USD 3 billion) Advising the government and SONATREL in the 420 MW Nachtigal hydropower project in Cameroon (Value: approx. EUR 1.2 billion)  

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Operation February 2021

Nachtigal – Perspectives

In December 2018, STOA, Electricité de France (EDF), the state of Cameroun, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Africa 50 concluded the final agreements for the Nachtigal project. Ghjuvana Luigi advised the Cameroonian government and Sonatrel. The Nachtigal project consists of the design, construction and operation for 35 years of a 420 MW dam and hydroelectric plant on the Sanaga River at the Nachtigal Falls, located 65 km north-east from Yaoundé. It also includes the construction of a 50 km transmission...

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